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  • Bypass Valve - Simply turn the dial to “BYPASS” so that the water does not enter the appliance.  To return the appliance to service, simply turn the dial to the SERVICE position.


  • The System Controller operates in three languages, and retains its cycle settings indefinitely, even through power outages.  The time-of-day settings remain in memory for up to seven days without power.  Whole-home, built-in, self-cleaning filter.


  • Filters dirt and sediment down to 20 microns – smaller than the human eye can see.  Plus, there’s never any cartridge to change, and no maintenance is required.


  • Safety Shutoff System - To help prevent the possibility of any overflows, WaterGuard features a safety shutoff – just the kind of detail you would expect from WaterGuard.


  • Fine Mesh Resin - Our patented mineral tank with its screened distributor system allows us to pack more resin into the tank, and backwash our unit with clean soft water, thereby eliminating the need for a second mineral tank.


  • Grid Plate - The grid plate in the segregated brine tank compartment provides a clear Well area to ensure consistent brine concentration.