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Decorating your bathroom in to a heavenly place where you would love to stay… 

Steam Sauna steam heads harmonize a variety of design and technology throughout the steam bathing experience.

Steam heads with aroma therapy:

All of the steam heads of Steam Sauna Inc has been designed in such a nice way that the user can enjoy the aroma therapy all through the steam bath experience. Even though there is special machine that can spray aroma in to the bath room (Available with Steam Sauna), all the Steam Heads are equipped to get the aroma therapy. This is a temperature activated system that works after the steam starts running.

Gemstone Steam Heads:

This unique and superfine design with “cool-touch” technology has made a change in the steam head market drastically. The steam head with real gemstone is only available with steam sauna. Due to real gemstone technology, this steam head is the safest steam head ever made in North America. After all, this is also equipped with aroma therapy

Standard steamhead, hexagonal shape, and with Escutcheon.