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Serena Elite Kit Precut Sauna


-V-joint T & G, pre-sanded.

-Foiled vapor barrier.

-Door with glass window and door jamb.

-2 x 4 Western Red Cedar, pre-sanded, for one or two level straight or L-shaped benches, bracing, and bench supports.

-Sauna heater with controls and rocks.

-1 x 4 Floor, duck board on walking area.

-1 x 4 Heater Guard.

-Vapor-proof marine light.

-Galvanized nails and screws

Wall:  1 x 4 T&G Vertical/Horizontal, pre-cut.

Ceiling:  1 x 4 T&G Parallel to Short Side, pre-cut.
Bench 2 x 4 S4S, pre-fabricated.
Legs:  2 x 4 S4S, pre-fabricated.
Heater Guard 2 x 4/1 x 4 S4S, pre-fabricated.
Duckboard Floor: 1 x 4 S4S, pre-fabricated.
Door:  2 x 4 Solid Cedar with Glass Window, pre-fabricated.
Hardware Vapor Barrier, Nails Screws, Louver, Vapor-Proof Light.
Options:  Backrest, Headrest, Towel Hook, Bucket & Ladle, Thermometer/Hygrometer, Sand Timer, Sauna Sign, Wood Preservative, and more.
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